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    LIFE League Coalition

    LIFE League Coalition is the ultimate youth sports experience that simulates collegiate recruitment, collegiate play, and life as a pro athlete!

    LIFE League Coalition Auditioning For Shark Tank!

    Week 1 Stat Leaders!

    Week 1 Impact Players!

    Week 1 Stat Leaders!

    Week 1 Impact Players!

      Contact Us Jeff Tarver

      Chief Executive Officer

      Phone: 770-742-7379

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      Sponsored by Bet On Yourself by Dr. Vernard Hodges

      Bet On Yourself by Dr. Vernard Hodges

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      No matter what you want to achieve in life, you need money. School teaches us almost nothing about money or how to make it. At best, school tells us how to become an employee. But for many people employment means limited options and low pay. And if you lose your one job, you’re in big trouble. There is another way. BET ON YOURSELF: From zero to millions explains: • How to create multiple streams of income • Money 101 • What the stock market is and how it works • How to get started investing in rental properties Dr. Hodges shares his personal life lessons, often funny, but always meaningful, from hanging out with crack dealers as a teenager, to being mistaken for Mike Tyson on the other side of the world in South East Asia. Options were limited for people growing up in Dr. Hodges’ community; most people worked at the local bus factory, went into the military, ended up in jail, or got killed. The first part of this book shows how a poor African American kid failing in high school became a business owner and a respected veterinarian. Dr. Hodges stresses the importance of making friends wherever you go, and more. Getting fired from his first professional job was a blessing. It taught him to bet on himself, and he never looked back. There are important messages in this book about doing the right thing when no one is looking, the importance of role models, and being nice. As Dr. Hodges’ favorite rapper Jay-Z said on Moments of Clarity, The Black Album, 2003: And I can’t help the poor if I’m one of them So I got rich and gave back to me That’s the win, win Read this book. It could change your life.

      Sponsored by Adrian Corker Photography

      Adrian Corker Photography

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      Photography sessions full of laughter and fun while creating amazing images that will melt your heart for years to come.

      Sponsored by The Future Miracle of Yesterday        by Cedric Logan

      The Future Miracle of Yesterday by Cedric Logan

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      Do you ever wish you could go back in time, knowing what you know now? I know I do. In this book, I give my daughter real life experiences to show her how to become the best miracle she can be. I show her about-worth, love, life, and goals. I also set goals for myself on future memories I want to make with her. This overall time capsule of a father's love is sure to touch the heart of readers for years to come.

      Sponsored by The Royal Effect, LLC.

      The Royal Effect, LLC.

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      Let us add a Touch of Royalty to your life! We specialize in custom tees and personalizing a plethora of items. Contact us for more details!

      Sponsored by KLS Percussions

      KLS Percussions

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      Need a drummer for an event, drumming lessons, or to rent drumming equipment? Contact KLS Percussions for all of your drumming needs!

      "Creating Musicians One Student At A Time!"

      Sponsored by 4Way Mentoring

      4Way Mentoring

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